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Downhill mountain bike in Mammoth

I had Downhill mountain biking on my bucketlist for a long time. The first time I was riding a mountain bike was not actually in Mammoth mountain, CA, where I took it off my list. I did it long before that, in Austria, I did a whole course there, with my travelling buddies at the time. The only problem was: I didn´t take any pictures, just this one you can see below. No videos, no nothing. Today I am much better at documenting my adventures so I do have both  pictures and videos from my riding in Mammoth. That´s why I couldn´t take it of my list, I didn´t feel I had the proof to do it. I know, I know, it´s just my own strange rules I am following like a slave. But it has to feel right, doesn´t it? The point of a bucketlist is to not regret anything when I die. If I cheated, would I not regret it? If I can´t remember what I have done, will I not regret “not doing it”? Because I don´t remember anything, if I don´t take pictures. It´s crazy…

Downhill mountain bike course in Austria. (My only picture)

Anyways! This is a crazy sport, a crazy sport indeed… You get up on top of a mountain with a lift, and then swoop down again with the help of gravity. In your way there is a lot of trees, rocks, stubs and other people. Your mind need to be really quick, so you don´t make a mistake. Even if you are all there in your mind, you kind of make mistakes anyways. I always come home hurt in one way or another. But that is why it´s so freaking exciting!

I made a video from our trip to Mammoth in California:

I really love this sport. I wish I had a good-sized mountain close to where I live to be able to do it every day. But I don´t…. Stupid flat Sweden!

Anyways! I give the sport 5 out of 5 stars! if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965

Now, go ride a bike from the top of mountain. You will not regret it! 🙂


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