Planning for Iceland.

Hey guys!

I am just sitting here, like every other day, thinking about what to do next… When I am not off doing something really cool, I like to plan for the next really cool thing I might do. At the moment I have two plans: the first is to go to Iceland this summer. The second one is to go to Peru next winter. These plans are depending on when I can get time off work.


Anyways! I hope I will get to go to Iceland this summer, so I will plan for that. I always plan quite a lot for my vacations, usually to get in as much stuff to do and see as possible, in the shortest amount of time. I never plan for hostels, campground or hotels or anything like that. Because I can never know what day I am going to end up in each place. First thing I like to do is to google: “What you must do/see in Iceland”. You can get so much suggestion from people who have been there. You usually end up in some travel agency’s webpage trying to sell tours in each location. I usually don´t take tours, I like being alone and go places in my own pace. But they are great in telling you on where the cool stuff are.


Pinterest, my secret crush

After I have googled, and copy-pasted all the awesome stuff into a map marked “Iceland” in my computer. I will also go to Pinterest to search for “Iceland must see”. On Pinterest you usually find the more not-so-famous locations. And Pinterest is my number on favorite webpage at the moment. I am a little obsess with hiking at the moment. I will tell you all about my Kungsleden hike I did this summer in one of the nearest posts, I promise.




After I found all these amazing places I want to go in Iceland, I look up where and how to find them. I am a huge fan of road trips, so I usually plan on going by car. It is so easy to get to places, and to stop when you see something amazing you did not really know about until you happened to drive by. It is also so much easier to change your plans if something else feels a little bit more important than the first thing you were going to see and you do not have the time for both. You also get a chance of getting closer to nature because in some countries, there are these super cheap campgrounds that are funded by the Government and not by private owners. They usually only have a simple outhouse and no showers but they are pretty much always next to a lake or a river. These campgrounds usually only cost like 6 Euros but are not always easy to find. You need a car.

Yeah, we have had various rentals around the world. The Beetle on the left side is my own though…. Norway road trip🙂


The last thing I do is to put everything together via the app Roadtrippers. I LOVE roadtrippers. I have used it in America and Europe so far. I do not know if it works that well in other places. Anyways. I use it and print the maps. I do not always have reception or money on my phone, so I often use paper maps. It is also much easier to mark where you been on paper maps. But when I find free WiFi, God knows I will use the WiFi!:)

roadtrippersThis is the map I used on our latest Eurotrip. This is from roadtrippers.

I can not wait until I get the chance to go to beautiful Iceland! I can´t, I can´t, I can´t! (Looking at my poor bf Håkan).

If you have any “must-do´s” in Iceland. Please let me know…. !


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