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Get a tattoo!

Since I was 14 I really wanted a tattoo. Tattoos were not as common back then (-99) , as it is today. And in my eyes, they were super cool! That is one of the first items I put on my Bucketlist. I wanted to be cool, like a rockstar!

So the day I turned 18, I booked my first tattoo session. I did this really ugly tribal dragon on the top of my back. It hurt like hell! The nerves in the back of my neck were killing me. My arms were twitching and it felt like someone was drilling a hole right through my sceleton. But afterwards, I was cooooool, so it was totally worth it! I said it was ugly because today, 14 years later, I do not really have the same taste as I did back then. But I will never cover it up with another tattoo. That was what I wanted at that time, and that is also the deal with tattoos. They are there forever. They are a part of who you are.

Första tattoon 2The first tattoo: a tribal dragon.

But everybody that has a tattoo knows about that small problem called addiction… You can not just get one… you need more. I do not know if it is about the appearance, that one tattoo looks tiny, sad and alone, or if it is about getting a little hooked on the pain. I really do not know. I just know you want more!

Today I have about 40 hours under the needle. Apparently I like tattoos, but since it is fucking painful, I can not give tattoos 5 out of 5 stars. It is beautiful but painful. I will give Tattoos 3 out of 5 stars. if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-0_47961if_star-0_47961

What was your first tattoo? And do you still love it? Please comment below!


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