Blog post numero uno!

Hey you!

You might actually be my very first reader on this blog! It is so cool being the first of something! Nowadays it is almost freakin´impossible to be first at something, so feel awesome while you can!

My name is Elin Nordlander. I live in Sweden. As Sweden is a small almost-perfect country, far away from all the dangers, there is not so much that shakes your ass out of its comfort zone. I think that is why I am out chasing for adventures around the globe. I often found myself to be very…. restless, to use a nice word. I admit I might be a little addicted to adrenaline too. I am going to mark myself 4ever with an adrenaline tattoo for god sakes! So let us just say I am… So there is quite a lot to talk about…

When I am not out flying, scuba diving and jumping out of perfectly functioning airplanes I am home with my dog and spoude and planning for my next adventure.

Life is short, and I do not want to miss out on anything fun!



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